This article was originally posted on IndieDB in 2019.


Work started on Neon Sword in 2012. writing and planning the direction that I felt I wanted to go in. I initially started with 2D pixel art and once a small playable area was made, I decided that it didn’t really do the game justice. After many months of prototypes, I had finally found the style I was looking to create.


Late in 2016 I posted the first screenshots to social media. I wanted to get the community involved with development, making them (you) feel like part of the process.


Early in 2017 I was approached by a small publisher who offered me what I felt at the time was the world however, as with most things in life, that would all come crashing down. After signing with them I was basically dictated as to what I could and couldn’t do with regards to Social Media updates. My screenshots, videos and all other updates were heavily monitored. For the first few weeks this was okay but then they became unresponsive to my requests. Soon after they released another game, their lack of communication with the community and some lies they spun made me realise I needed to be out and I’d be better off alone.

Screenshot0133 Pea Head Games


2018 I finally had the contract nulled and was able to post whatever I wanted again, but now with no publisher I was alone with no funds. I felt that Kickstarter was the way to go, but without a working demo to accompany the campaign, The Kickstarter eventually fell short. The major issue is being able to make a decent demo of an open world game, but I am now working hard on that part of the development.


2019 I continue to work towards releasing a demo of the game. I’m still looking into how to gain more funds for music; I’d love to pay indie synth artists and make a radio station within the game. So, as it stands, my options are to move forward and maybe try another Kickstarter or bring the game into early access and work with the community as I move forward.

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When I first pitched Neon Sword to friends who are also developers, they told me not to do it, saying it was too large for a small team. but I had a burning desire to make it come to life. Now, the world I have created for Neon Sword has become so special to me that I want nothing more than to make my passion and dream of a game come true – This has been my dream game since I was a small child and now I’m finally getting to a point where I’m able to share this with everyone else.

Thanks for reading.