Corporation Management within the world of Neon Sword.

This article was originally posted on indieDB in 2018

Situated in and around Quaid City are various construction sites that you can purchase. Once purchased you can then build various styles of buildings on the site.

The size of a building will determine how long it takes to construct. Once built you can fully access the corporation menu from your Holocell which will allow you to customise your corporation logo for advertising on billboards throughout the city and also hire and fire various staff needed to run your businesses.

The choice of business is entirely up to you. Legal or illegal, take your pick, but be warned, the choice you make will affect the city around you.

You can choose to create and sell weapons. The people where your business is located will start to carry weapons on them and the cost of buying them yourself will be greatly reduced. However, you will start to see more crime leading to the closure of other stores making them unavailable.

Everything you do will have an impact on the city around you. The choices of how you choose to run your world is entirely up to you!