Due to Covid-19 work on Neon Sword came to a snail pace, meaning not much got done as I’d taken on the roll of a teacher to my 3 children of all different ages, while it was a struggle getting anything done on the game I’ve finally been able to get more time to work on it again.

I have signed a few musical artists to have their work appear in-game, I’m really loving the support that the synthwave music community have given me and anyone else who has donated music too! Thank you.

I’m slowly converting a lot of Neon Swords systems to unity’s Job system, what does this mean for the game? well it means a faster more responsive experience for the end users, I’ve already converted the full pedestrian system over thankfully that went better then planned!

I’ve posted a few videos linked here to social media these are the most up to date as of this article videos online, so enjoy hopefully you can get a feel of how the game plays from them.

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